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into an idea he ran against. now this time, everybody on the democratic side, the progressive side said you can't go this romney direction, keep the higher rates or the lower rates or get rid of some big fat deductions. now the president is being given an opening here by saying there's a way to compromise. keep that, but take away the fat cat deductions. there may not be enough money there. >> brookings, the tax policy center? >> yeah. is there another opportunity for that kind of deduction. take away a lot of deductions state and local, tax deduction us. you're going to pay a lot more taxes. >> yes, i think at the end of the day. right now, the white house is going to stand by, we want the top rate to go back to 36.96. we want it to start with 250 and above. of course they're going to stand by that. the principle that they need to protect the wealthiest pay more. americans don't care how you get there. >> so there san opening here. >> there's no question there's an opening here. >> but the president and the other guy, boehner saying, okay, we've got to root for you here. >> the president is wi
. that it is a socialist agenda. and i think that people in this bubble really did think that romney was certain to win because everybody they knew supported him and opposed obama. it's like the flip side of the old unfair joke about pauline kael who said, "how could nixon win in '72? everybody i know voted for mcgovern." apparently, she never actually said that. but we know the attitude it exemplifies. the right is now in that bubble. everybody they know hates obama. so how could all these people be voting for obama? >> in the hours leading up to the election, fox news devoted itself to speculation about romney's win. newt gingrich and others were talking about how big the romney landslide was going to be. gingrich thought it would be 300 electoral votes at least. >> i believe the minimum result will be 53-47 romney, over 300 electoral votes, and the republicans will pick up the nate. >> so are you suggesting that they, a conservative propaganda machine, was blindsided by its own ideology? >> i think that is so. and i think we may have seen a tipping point in this election because in all previous elec
among everybody in the republican party he, mitt romney, leader of the party would privilege. who he would elevate. he elevated the republican guy who wrote arizona's papers please immigration legal cause. he was his immigration adviser. he made and kept as his national campaign chairman a man named john sununu, who called president obama lazy and not very bright and said president obama needs to "learn how to be an american." mitt romney's national campaign chairman. mr. romney also elevated and dignified by his presence, i'm sorry to have to say the name, but this guy, donald trump. mitt romney as the leader of the republican party flew out to las vegas to personally receive donald trump's endorsement. mr. romney's running mate paul ryan held special in-person events with donald trump. he did robocalls throughout the campaign and he wasn't freelancing. mitt romney asked him to do it. he did have the leadership reigns of the republican party for a brief moment as their presidential candidate. and what he did with that position of leadership is going to haunt the republican party's p
that look like you part. there are a lot of people that said that independents would be the key. romney did not win the election in ohio. let's go to florida because that's where we saw the latino vote grow but not just cuban-americans which everybody talks about when they talk about florida. not just puerto rico-americans who were supporting barack obama but even venezuela, i mean, they targeted that precisely. >> right. the obama campaign is more -- but the gains in florida had been a republican strong hold for decades. he got 35% of the cuban-american vote. that was considered a pretty good number. some polls showed him at 50%. you mentioned the puerto rican community. that community is growing by leaps and bounds. that's the fastest growing group in florida. they have supported republicans. they campaigned for jeb bush. they came out for former president george bush. they came out in droves for barack obama. so he just -- he just crushed it in those community. gwen: where was the miscalculation, dan? say in ohio? >> the underestimation or the failure to deal with the auto bail out. if t
for the romney campaign. how could no one anticipate that they might possibly lose. that's unbelievable! let's bring everybody back in here. ana, michael mark thompson, mr. emmy winner, and jayar jackson, congressman steve cohen, by the way won a squeaker only got 75% of the vote. and someone else is here seema mehta political writer for "the l.a. times." you covered the romney campaigns. did they really think that they were going to win. >> they really did. i covered john mccain four years ago. four years ago going into election day the writing was on the wall. this time they really did believe that they--they believed their polling. they believed the crowd sizes they were seeing. they were stunned. >> cenk: let me oh follow up on that. again, it was a close popular vote. it wind up being 2.5% thinking that you're going to win. being confident. no problem with that. not understanding the possibility that you might lose especially when you're down in the polls is insanity. this is another quote from the article. running mate paul ryan seemed genuinely shocked. ryan's wife jana also was shake
immigration. this is -- everybody has talked about this, but romney made a misstep when he moved to the right of governor perry. and it's really the way we talk about the message. say look, we're going to have to talk about immigration but some of us believe that those who came here illegally shouldn't just get a carte blanche citizenship, if you will. so i think it's the way we talk about immigration. i think republicans need to be much more caring. i've spoken to a lot of hispanics and latinos who say, look, crystal, i did things the right way and i just -- i have a problem with granting a carte blanche amnesty to people who came over here and didn't do it the right way. i think there's a way of framing the message. >> i want to look ahead now, maria. the republican party licking its collective wounds from the top job all the way down to the house races. what do you think, do they need to make wholesale changes or can they just make some tweaks? >> i think they need to make wholesale changes. and crystal outlined it i think quite well in her last two answers. they need to understand that am
. it forced that crowd to applaud mitt romney. that's part of the process. you have to knit everybody back together. we're going to stay on process and specifically on the process of how we got here, in other words, through voting. how do we keep voter suppression and jerry man derg on the agenda even after the win. ♪ >>> as we look ahead to the beginning of a continuing administration for president barack obama, we have a reminder of why a president's legacy looms so much larger than a four or eight-year term. yesterday the supreme court announced that the voting rights act and specifically section 5 of the act is in its cross hairs. section 5 required mostly southern states with the history of disenfranchised voters to get federal preclearance before they can make any changes in their voting laws. that's anything from redrawing congressional districts to moving polling locations. this year's election section 5 was the shield that the justice department used to defend democracy against voter suppression in southern states that tried to implement new laws. now it's up for discussion. so
the president bought into an idea he had ran against. now this time everybody on the democrat side, the progressive side, said you can't go this romney direction, keep the lower rates but get rid of this -- some big fat deductions. now the president is being given an opening by boehner saying there is a way we can compromise. keep that 35% for the top rate, but take away all the fat cat deductions. there may not be enough money there. people in that institute -- >> the tax policy center. >> is there enough opportunity for that kind of direction, take away a lot of deductions for state and local, for example, taxation which you have to pay anyway. you can have your formal 35%, but you're going to pay a lot more taxes. >> i think at the end of the day, right now the white house is going to stand by, we want the top rate to go back to 39.6%. that's their opening position. we want it to start with people at 250 and above. they're going to stand by that now. going into negotiations the principle they need to protect is the wealthiest pay more. americans don't care exactly how you get th
with a revolution on your hands. that is what to talk about, the idea of having everybody take their deductions at a 15% level, which is fairer, of course, or what romney was talking about in the last few weeks. you have a cap on how much you can take deductions. the problem with all of that is as tax policy center and other policy centers have shown, that hits the middle class and the upper middle class more than it does the rich. figuring out how you can do this and yet shift the burdens were in effect have to be, if you are going to make it saleable and workable, is no easy task. >> the last couple of questions raised really a larger issue about the nature of the crisis of the deficit and debt stabilization over time. how big a problem it is? should it be the overwhelmingly number one priority for a long period of time to come? i am one of these people who believe what an old friend of ours, bob carr, premier of new south wales, and now the minister of foreign affairs said, don't worry about america, there is nothing wrong with united states that one of reasonable budget deal cannot solve. i
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)